Published on
March 31, 2016

"Elevated" is a short dance film conceived and choreographed by Kelsey Burns and I that gives a new perspective to latin/rhythm ballroom dance. Both the male and female dance in high heels and both have legs exposed and legs covered together at the same time, yet all while keeping the traditional gender roles as male-leader and female-follower. It's a concept that celebrates the latin/rhythm ballroom expression while challenging its current state and traditional aesthetic; a suggestion to diversify our relationship, expression and connection through dance as persons rather than just male/female.

Directed by: Knox White

Filmed and Edited by: Jeff Clanet

Music by: Prince- "Black Sweat" Maxwell- "Gravity" Mix by: Edward EGO Martin

Costumes by: Kelsey Burns & Abdiel Jacobsen

Location: Shen Tao Studio New York, NY