First Class in Ladies Latin Ballroom Heels

Published on
April 13, 2015

This is what goes down on Monday & Wednesday nights at Broadway Dance Center in Cecilia Marta's Latin Jazz class! I posted below a combination of chroegraphy from Cecilia Marta that I did in my latin heels for the first time. I even had a fellow male dancer join me in high heeled enlightenment. Thank you Henri for joining in!

I've taken her class in stilletto boots before as you have seen earlier in my journey, but dancing in competitive latin ballroom is much more difficult! The shank is made of suede so that you can point your feet and articulate your footwork which make the shoe more flexible. The heel doesn't have a steel rod in it like a stilletto does, it's made of a kind of plastic material. Because of this, there is actually less support which means you have to engage your muscles even more to stay balanced. However, dancing in an actual open-toed dance heel than a stilletto boot is much better for feet articulation.