Can a queer African-American and an aging Asian female broadway veteran defy the odds of once and for all break the barriers of the ballroom world’s  traditional gender roles of male being the leader and female as the follower?  This documentary is about the journey and dance partnership of Abdiel Jacobsen a former principal dancer of Martha Graham and Kristine Bendul a 47 y/o ballroom dance newbie bonded by their aspirations of ushering an evolution and a new era of  inclusiveness, acceptance, diversity, female empowerment and gender equality in the world of ballroom competition. 

Witness their triumphs and tribulations both on and off the dance floor.  The world of ballroom competition only serves as a backdrop to reflect social issues that parallels our today’s society. FollowLeadLOVE is a film that transcends beyond the world of dance and a film that looks into humanity's resolve to have a shift of roles and a chance to transform.


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