I Just Want To Dance

"Lateral oppression is so palpable as a black gay person. The fear of the outside community was just as strong as the fear within my own. Dealing with racism and white supremacy is enough to drive anyone mad but then to face homophobia and effeminophobia on top of that from your own family and community and place of worship feels hopeless. I don’t know why the gift of dance was given to me but somehow at least I believe that these gifts are given to us for a reason. Dance was the only practice I had to pull myself up. Perhaps it was given to me to save me. Perhaps it was given to me to help save others. All my life since as early as I can remember, all I ever wanted to do was just dance." - Abdiel
A dance duet exploring black joy as a transcendent force combating homophobia and effeminophobia within relationships between straight and queer people.

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