The Color Iz

Concept, Direction, and Choreography: Abdiel and Kristine Bendul


The Color Iz follows two main characters that entered the fictional club Altia with insecurity and reservation. They are both attracted and enthralled by the freedom and exuberance of this dance social and the “regulars” there. The evening takes on a magical note and they eventually find the courage to fully express their true colors. The Color Iz parallels the modern day Hustle dance club experience which is a social environment full of life and celebration. It is both racially and ethnically diverse with people of all ages dancing and interacting with each other, completely fluid in respect to relationships of gender and sexuality. The Color Iz honors the 50 year anniversary of the police riots at Stonewall that led to the birth of the gay pride movement.



Kristine Bendul

Jaimie Cepero

Elizabeth Darchi

Coral Dolphin

Celeste Lanuza

Joana Matos

Tomás Matos

Mihoko Ninomiya

Greg Osei

Joseph Prestamo

Waldemar Quionnes-Villanueva

Sal Rentas

Smitty Smith


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